T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill Review

T-fal Optigrill GC702 is an electric grill intended for indoor grilling. It comes with a newly introduced ‘Precision Grilling Technology.’ This technology can cook food according to your liking. The grill uses programs from its database to produce foods like burgers, sandwiches, fish, pork, meat, and the like. The appliance is programmed to adapt the featured grilling cycles to the food item’s thickness, automatically.

So, simplistically put, this grill cooks your meat according to your preference, whether it is medium, rare or well-done. All this is possible because of its unique level of cooking indicator. This well equipped, brilliantly designed indoor electric grill is already creating ripples in the market. But before you buy it, read this below mentioned detailed assessment of the product that answers your entire product and purchases related questions.

T-Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill

Features from the manufacturer.

  • This piece of equipment is capable of defrosting all types of frozen foodstuff. Subsequently, it can even cook them. You can manually cook your vegetables and your personal lip-smacking recipes.
  • T-Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill features automatic sensors for adapting to the width of the food items. Along with it, there are 2 cooking modes and 6 cooking programs for instant automatic cooking.
  • The cooking level indicator comes with lights and audible beeps that tell you how your meat is cooked.
  • The appliance runs on 1800 watts of power, which indicates that the in-built system of the unit is pretty solid.

Comprehensive information about the product.

  • The height of the product is 6 inches. It is 13 inches in depth and 14 inches in width.
  • The unit weighs around 11 pounds
  • Made up of stainless steel, the electric grill may not be sleek and chic looking in its appearance; however, it is sturdy and robust in its quality.

More about the makers

The manufacturer T-fal is a renowned maker of non-stick cookware. It created the first non-stick frying pan in 1954. Their main objective behind doing so was to simplify the lives of those cooking at home as well as at workplaces. After the initiative, they found themselves on the road towards originality, novelty and creativity. T-fal is worldwide renowned for making non-stick cookware and has emerged as a universal distinguished leader in pressure cookers, food and beverages, electrical cooking units and the rest.

T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill also features their well-known non-stick technology that does not allow any sticking of the food to the plates.

Distinctive characteristics of T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill.

The indoor grill features facilities that you rarely find in other grills in the market. One of its prominent and distinctive features is that it is the first ever electric grill that has a ‘Precision Grilling Technology.’ This technology has been introduced for the very first time in an electric grill. It is because of this feature that you can cook your burgers and sausages with the unique 6 cooking programs.

Another feature to look out for is the one with the removable plates. An indoor grill having the facility of removable plates is not easily available in the market. The plates are also safe for dishwasher. This indicates that the manufacturer has taken the matter of easy cleanup and regulation of hygiene into consideration and designed an ideal grill for its buyers.

What is in the box?

Apart from the actual Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill, the package comes with a recipe book that can be used for manual cooking, which makes use of one of the two cooking modes. Along with it, the box also contains a Quick Startup Guide that comes in handy before you begin with the usage of the indoor grill. It also comes with a tips guide and a user’s instruction manual.

The manufacturer provides a limited warranty of one full year. The information about the warranty is also provided with the package.

Why should you buy T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill?

If you are a fan of steaks, then this may be the right choice for you. T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill defrosts frozen steaks and cooks them for you, evenly and beautifully in no more than 30 minutes. So you do not have to wait for your cold steaks to turn to room temperature and then cook them. This feature specifies how less time consuming it makes cooking for you, especially if you have errands to run.

The drip tray that is included in the indoor grill is capable of holding large capacity of foodstuff. This drip tray is attached to the grill directly, which helps in preventing untidy spill over due to misalignment. This is another feature that is rarely found in grills and that should be included in every grill because it’s so sought after.

There interior design is smart, and includes a downward slope that is very resourceful when it comes to automatically draining the fat off the food. The feature is suitable for those demanding less fat in their meals. Therefore, it can also be categorized under ‘fat-reducing grills.’

Limitations of the product

Although T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill GC702 comes with certain features that are distinguished and distinctive, the product fails in a couple of aspects. Firstly, even though the presence of the sensor regulates the cooking technique of the electric indoor grill, if the food is unevenly shaped, it fails to perform remarkably and in turn, does not cook the food evenly, like otherwise. The same problem is experienced, if the meat is cooked without removing bones. This means that the grill cannot handle unevenness of the thickness of the food item.

The second drawback of T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill is that it is more expensive than similar competing products.

T-fal Optigrill GC702 Indoor Electric Grill is nothing like the other grills. However, in truth, it is relatively an expensive indoor grill. The price of the product can be defended to some extent by citing the quality of its design and machinery. Check out Amazon.com to be familiar with the exact pricing of this appliance and any existing discounts on the same.

The Verdict On T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill

T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill offers everything that you can ask for from a modern indoor electric grill. In fact, it offers more features than any other grill in the market. Although the unit asks you to loosen your purse strings a tad, it’s totally justifiable by its automatic cooking mode, and its features and technology that have never been seen before. It is the best piece of equipment for those who like to maintain tidiness in their cooking adventures. It is also great for anyone who is fond of having fresh food without working too hard for it. The grill is an appropriate cookware for families as well as those who live alone. In the long run, T-fal Optigrill Indoor Electric Grill would be the perfect choice for you.