Top 3 Hamilton Beach Indoor Grills Reviews 2018

Whether you are looking to host an indoor party or prefer to cook indoors during the winter, one thing is for certain – a cooking appliance like a griller is a must for any kitchen. Let’s offer you our opinion on some of the best fancy indoor grillers available in the market today.

We will explore every feature and expose all drawbacks so that you may have a better idea on purchasing a premium griller for your cooking needs.

What is an indoor griller?

A griller is a term mostly associated with BBQ parties or hosting picnics during a hot summer afternoon. By indoor griller, we mean a product that is indoor-friendly. It is commonly used by families that would like to host an indoor party as opposed to an outdoor event.

This could be possible due to many reasons, the weather could be rainy or cold, guests may prefer to sit indoors and enjoy a sports game, or a family just prefers to enjoy the comfort of their home during a grilling session.

#1 Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach 25360

Introducing the Hamilton Beach 25360 indoor grill, featuring a heat searing capability of up to 450 degrees. This griller serves up a variety of meats and vegetables in the most succulent of flavors, it also features convenient light indicators to notify the user that the device is switched on and again when the desired temperature has been reached. The hood is designed in an artistic way to ensure the flavors are locked in during grilling.

The Features make it the perfect indoor Griller

The 25360 comes with a variety of features that convert bland food into tasty delicious steaks and sausages. Namely, the features are:

  • An indoor griller that delivers an outdoor-like experience
  • High heat grilling capabilities
  • A completely adjustable temperature control system
  • Non-stick plate for effortless grease stains removal
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Extra dip tray to hold excess fat
  • Removable Hood
  • Lightweight at 8.1 lbs.

The Hamilton Beach 25360 can easily fit around 3-4 large sized steaks or chicken breasts within its surface. The dimension size of the unit is roughly 12.2 x 16.9 x 6.7 inches. The dip tray provided offers to hold the excess grease and fat during grill mode to ensure none of the liquid is ingested by you, offering a more health conscious way to enjoy your favorite meat and veggies.

The Decisive Elements

The 25360 scores big in assuring no flavors are lost through grilling, it quickly preheats in less than a few minutes to ensure no time is wasted. Due to its high searing feature, the juices are well marinated across the whole meat and the dishes are tender for anyone to relish. The indicators serve as timers for the griller to let you know that the meat has finished grilling.

The Weaker points of the 25360

The drawbacks of the unit to users may include the device getting too hot quickly; this can be a problem if you wish to lightly warm your meat over the surface. The top feels a bit flimsy at times and can be a slight issue to users looking for a solid build. Overall the griller performs rather well without burning the meat and is definitely a top quality product worth investing in.

#2 Hamilton Beach 25331

Hamilton Beach 25331

Utilizing the Super Sear technology, this griller combines up to 500 degrees of heat and 100 square inches of surface to grill your favorite delights in less than 10 minutes of time. Due to its floating hinges, the griller accommodates extremely thick pieces of steaks as well as double-decker sandwiches without problems. The unit weighs around 10 lbs. and has a dimensional size of 14 x 7.5 x 13.8 inches.

The Features included with the 25331

The surface plate provided is non-stick and can be washed effortlessly under running water or a dishwasher. The 25331 comes with a host of possibilities such as:

  • Variable temperature control
  • Ideal for heating up frozen food in minutes
  • 500 degrees of maximum heat
  • Digital Display
  • Illuminated Sear Button

This griller is a perfect piece of kitchen equipment for a family of four; it can comfortably position up to 4 burgers on its surface for grilling purposes. Due to its high searing feature, you can completely heat up frozen foods directly from the refrigerator, without having to defrost them.

The Highs and Lows of the 25331

The griller can handle all sorts of foods such as sausages, sandwiches, hamburgers, veggies, etc. The griller also enables the food to sort of retain a crusty flavor for individuals who like their food crisp. The flavor is well locked after your flip down the hood.

Moving towards the more negative portion of the griller while most grillers come with removable surface plates, this particular model has attached grill plates, that can make cleaning the unit, a bit problematic. Other than the following setback, the grill itself is ideal for a small family to experience the luxury of crispy food.

#3 Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Multi-Grill Indoor 25600

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Multi-Grill Indoor 25600

What we love about this product is the fact that you can use this unit as a normal griller as well as a griddle and it also doubles up as a bacon cooker. This multi-griller offers you the options of toasting bread while cooking sunny side up eggs at the same time. Bacon can also be grilled nice and crispy leaving no messy splatters on the grill.

The Enormous cooking options it offers

Whether you prefer to have paninis, bacon, eggs, sandwiches, etc. the 25600 has you covered with its multi-grill features. Below are some of its main features:

  • Serves up food as an indoor grill, griddle or a bacon griller
  • Offers double the cooking surface over standard grillers
  • Unique kickstand can be shifted to drain grease and oily fats
  • Removable cooking plates
  • Pullout dip tray provided, dishwasher safe
  • Weighs 10 lbs.

The standard dimensions that the griller is sized at is approximately 13.9 x 7.2 x 16.9 inches. Once the griller is opened flat, you get twice the cooking surface, if you choose to close the lid and lock in the flavors, the unit holds up to 6 medium sized patties on its single surface.

Exploring the Kickstand, Combination griller, and minor drawbacks

The built-in kickstand offers mess-free cooking; with a simple tilt of the hand, you can completely drain out the grease without any hassle. The unit offers a cooking surface on the top and bottom preventing you from turning the meat often as it cooks on both sides simultaneously.

The sole drawback of this magnificent griller is the fact that the cord attached to it is extremely short for extended distances. The electrical outlet needs to be close-by or you need to hook it up to an extended power chord box.

The Hamilton Experience compared to market grillers

We have listed the top 3 grillers for a variety of purposes that tackle a small family as well as a large hosted party. Indoor grillers from the Hamilton Beach are made with unique features such as kickstands and pull out dip trays, other grillers cost the same but don’t have anything in features to offer.