Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven

The Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven is an 1800-watt countertop oven that has a mind of its own and does the thinking for you. Its intelligent technology automatically selects the independent heating elements to make sure that a precise cooking process takes place, delivering delicious dishes every time you use it. This intelligent oven has nine modes of operation to give you a variety of choices for each mealtime and remembers your preference for the next use. This little machine can produce perfectly toasted bread; pizza’s baked to perfection and succulent roasted meat.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven

What makes the Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven stand out in the crowd?

  • The Breville BOV800XL uses Element IQ™ technology that remembers your taste preferences on the first usage to use the exact same settings every time it is used.
  • The nine pre-set modes of cooking include toast, bagel, broil, pizza, bake, roast, cookies, reheat and warm and is designed to the provide the right power at the right time, combined with preferred taste settings, this oven is irresistible.
  • A nonstick interior for easy cleaning and reinforced stainless steel body will fit in comfortably with your modern kitchen decor. The tempered glass door is just the cherry on top when it comes to architectural beauty.
  • It has an interior capacity of 0.8-cubic foot and can accommodate six slices of bread or a 13″ pizza.
  • The temperature, time, and function control knobs are much more convenient than pressing a tough button several times to choose a preferred setting.
  • For easy removal of hot food, the auto-eject rack pops out halfway when the door is opened after completion of cooking.
  • The LCD screens feature blue backlights and is easy to read from. The correct time and temperature is calculated and displayed when power is on. Orange illumination is shown during cooking and preheating. Blue illumination is shown once the cycle is complete.
  • Other notable features are sound alert and auto shutoff.
  • Packaging includes 12″ x 12″ enamel baking pan, 13″ nonstick pizza pan, 12″ x 12″ enamel broil rack
  • One year limited product warranty

Breville keeps bringing amazing ovens time and again

Breville have been giving us an array of amazingly high quality ovens for several years now and their principle is to bring products that are born from simple moments of brilliance. The Breville BOV800XL was created keeping in mind the simple truth that different food needs different methods of heat: meats need to be seared on top while bake-worthy stuffs need to be cooked thoroughly. Most ovens out there in the market fail to consistently distribute heat, let alone adjust heating elements to suit the food in the heating chamber. This flexibility is what sets the Breville BOV800XL apart. Whatever food is taken, the required method can be applied and perfect results can be obtained every single time.

How the smart technology proves its wit

Broiling needs high temperature from above to melt and brown, so the Breville BOV800XL Smart oven uses 1500W of high heat from the top heating elements of the oven. When it comes to toasting, even cooking on both sides is required without drying out the inside, so radiated heat from both above and below is used with 1800W of heat distributed between four heating elements. Baking requires even distribution of heat and uses convection heating where an inbuilt fan is used to circulate hot air in the cooking chamber. It helps bake cookies and cakes much faster, evenly and thoroughly. Each of the preset modes is customizable to suit your taste, and most importantly, the choices are remembered by this smart unit.

Element IQ cooking technology

Breville BOV800XL’s most notable feature is the Element IQ cooking technology, which corrects the power of five individual quartz elements to cook food quickly and thoroughly. The convection cooking options increases cooking speed by nearly 30%. This modern heating system distributes the heat evenly whenever required and guarantees efficient cooking. Apart from automatically adjusting heat distribution, it also dynamically chooses the wattage of heating elements needed. The Element IQ works like a dimmer on a light switch, increasing and decreasing power of elements with a quick turn of the knob and not just on/off of fixed wattage like other ovens. This helps in conserving electricity and power whenever possible. Each of the nine functions provided in the Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven can be customized to the user’s preference, volume of food to be cooked, or recipe. These customizations will be remembered until reset or the oven is unplugged from power source.

Built to last with the most durable materials

The Breville BOV800XL Smart oven is created with very durable materials. The heating elements are made of quartz as opposed metal elements used in most toaster ovens. The generously spacious interior of 0.8-cubic foot is coated with nonstick material, which can safely withstand high temperatures. The drip tray in Breville BOV800XL is accessible from the front, which makes it easier to clean between cooking sessions. Small magnets embedded at the sides of the Breville oven door will pull the wire rack halfway forming the auto-eject rack which makes removing food from the oven easy and safe. The markings on the glass door indicate where the racks are to go depending on the food you’re cooking.

Save up to 50% on your electricity bill with the Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven

The Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven consumes less energy than your standard kitchen oven and performs just as efficiently as one. It can easily replace the standard oven with its wide variety of nine customizable cooking modes. The variation in power consumed with smart technology and materials used all contribute to this reduction in energy. The heating elements in the smart oven are made with quartz with responds very quickly to heat in comparison with metal heating elements, which means lesser electricity consumption. Yes, the joy of seeing a smaller number on your electricity bill will be a reality. The small size of the countertop oven also contributes to why a small amount of energy is needed to heat it right up. It also keeps the kitchen cooler by reducing the amount of heat generated.

A few cons to keep an eye out for

  • The cord of the Breville BOV800XL Smart oven is less than three feet, which is relatively short.
  • At full heat the smart oven uses 15amps to 20amps so use a 20amps breaker on the plug while using the oven.
  • The top of the oven gets hot while cooking but this can be turned into an advantage by keeping food in ceramic plates and keeping them on top of the oven to keep warm while other food cooks from inside.
  • There is no interior lighting in this unit so you cannot see your food cooking or check it without opening.

With all things considered, the Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Toaster Oven is a great choice if you live alone or as a couple as it can quickly dish out amazing dishes. The manual that comes with it features several new recipes to try out for the adventurous heart. It is a must have appliance at home and is highly recommended for its new IQ technology.